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Category - Swedish ladder for gymnastic and physiotherapy
Old style Oak Wall Bars, design Vintage, 2.4x0.9 m, code 279R
code: 279R
479.00 £ / PCS
Artimex Sport Home Wall bars made from vaporised Oakwood, have 2 stringers (see video) made from oak join timber.

Oval rungs (round rungs (see video) ø 36 mm on request, no additional charge), 17 pieces, made from oak timber wood, and have Ø 40 x 30 mm and a chinning bar made of oak that extends out at the top.
Offset between the top bars.
The mounting of bars to both sides of the product is performed by using wood screws on the back side.
The last rung on the top is positioned one more projecting and the other more re-entering to make it possible some suspension exercises or passive cervical tractions.
Wall bar with top extension for pull ups.
There is a cut out (15 cm high x 4 cm bright) at bottom of the stringers to go over skirting boards.
Wall bars could be delivered with 2 wood slats ( mounting boards - see video ) for installing on the Wall, 33 mm thick (more distance on request). No additional charge.
Complete from Beechwood - 339 £.
Complete from Oakwood - 399 £.
9 oak wedges on each side that provide additional support and a customized appearance.
Dimensions: 240 x 90 cm .
Dimension unassembled: 240 x 15 x 15 cm (Other dimensions on request).
Weight 35 kg.
Installation hardware included.
Weight capacity 150 kg (it mean that every single horizontal rod can support this weight). Weight test resistance - 160 kg
20 years warranty and 30 days money back guarantee.
See drawing.
Shipped unassembled. Easy to assemble.
Stall bars can be installed on stud framing with the supplied slats. Drilling for proper framing location is required.
At request we offer OEM Service. Please contact us.
How the Wall Bars are made?
Need a sample? Please send us your adress.
Custom Stall Bars on request.
FREE UK SHIPPING. For any other country in the world please send us a request.
Prices do not include customs taxes.
Orders are shipped 7-14 days after being placed.
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