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Suggested Resources for a Home Gym
A number of readers have asked for some thoughts on setting up a home gym. Being a minimalist in most spheres of life, I enjoy just a handful of tools that help me use movement with my own body weight to improve mobility and functional strength.
Let's start from the ground up, shall we?
If you don't have a comfortable surface that provides a good blend of grippy support and cushion, you might consider some interlocking high density foam mats. I purchased a commercial grade product a few years ago that I've been happy with, but the manufacturer has since gone out of business. The mat tiles that I ordered are 1.1 inches thick. I was able to find the same material and texture at Amazon, though 0.5 inches thick - you can view this here:
Interlocking High Density Floor Mats
I think for most purposes, 0.5 inches thickness is sufficient, and I have worked with this mat firsthand, so I can vouch for its quality.
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The ‘Soviet Style’ for the Upper Class
On Wednesday morning, Ivo Lupis commanded an 87-year-old woman up to the swinging rings, then the trapeze, and then to the mat for some forward rolls.
"This is old-school training — it's kind of a lost art," said Mr. Lupis, 84. "I'm not a personal trainer who took a quick course and got a piece of paper. I'm a gymnastics and fitness coach. My whole life has been a continuous education."
Mr. Lupis teaches at True Pilates New York, a gym on West 57th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. A Croatian, he has worked in gyms on this block since immigrating in 1965, he said.
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