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Walking reeducation device, parallel bar type (pediatric rehabilitation), code 65321
code: 65321
1,080.00 £ / PCS
Walking device, parallel bar type, produced by Artimex Sport.
The device is useful for pediatric medical rehab saloons.
The 18 mm thick Mdf made walking area is moquette covered.
Metal structure is painted in electrostatic field and fastened to the Mdf portion.
The beech bars having 40 mm in diameter are height adjustable between 50 and 100 cm.
It's also possible to move the handrail closer to or further from the crossbeams, so that children of different ages could use this device.
The beech bars are 2500 mm long.
Especially designed for multi-layered spruce crossbeam obstacles (8 pieces), 520 x 50 mm each.
Each of the 3 crossbeams is 160 mm high, having 16 holes on the upper side.
Upon request, the crossbeams are not fastened to the Mdf, in order to be able to remove them whenever you want.
The size of the device is 2500 x 1000 mm.
Other sizes available upon request.
Warranty 10 years.
At request we offer OEM Service. Please contact us.
FREE UK SHIPPING. For any other country in the world please send us a request.
Prices do not include customs taxes.
Orders are shipped 14-21 days after being placed.
Please call or email for multiple unit discount.
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