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Tempered-glass basketball backboard, 1800x1050 mm, code 112-SS
code: 112-SS
449.00 £ / PCS
389.00 £ / PCS
60 £ discount until June 10, 2024.
Tempered-glass basketball backboard produced by Artimex Sport, thickness 12 mm, with metal frame painted in electrostatic field.
1800 x 1050 mm in size, aluminium made profile for fastening the tempered-glass metal frame using nuts.
Lower part of the backboard is cut out to leave space for the ring.
Could be attached to any basketball system produced by Artimex Sport (105-a,105-B,105-D,105-D / Superprofessional).
The rim, the basket net and backboard support not included (code 120).
Warranty 10 years.
See drawing.
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