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Freestanding ballet barre, double, 2.5 m, code 113-2M
code: 113-2M
399.00 £ / SET
The double and flexible ballet barre system permits the use of ballet barre in rooms that cannot have permanently installed ballet barre - for example multi-use rooms, private homes, general classrooms and anywhere where casual use of ballet barre is required.
    Available with standard bases and three different barre units:
  • single height
  • dual height
  • double sided
  • the base legs and brackets are manufactured from epoxy powder coated steel in white
  • portable ballet barre is supplied in flat pack form and requires the barre to be screw fixed to the brackets using the provided screws
The base legs and brackets are manufactured from epoxy powder coated steel in white, black (other colors on request) and feature non-marking rubber feet to ensure the barre remains sturdy on the floor and does not mark polished timber floors.
Adjustable to different heights (Video ).
Dimensions: length 250 cm (other dimensions on request).
Diameter of the beech bar 40 mm.
Weight 27 kg (pair).
Minim height 75 cm.
Optional Adjustable height:
103 cm
150 cm + 25 £
Warranty 10 year.

At request we deliver the ballet bar with Oak wooden Bar (+ 15 £).
See drawing.
Easy to assamble (video ).

At request we offer OEM Service. Please contact us.
FREE UK SHIPPING. For any other country in the world please send us a request.
Prices do not include customs taxes.
Orders are shipped 7-14 days after being placed.
Please call or email for multiple unit discount.
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