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Category - Swedish ladder for gymnastic and physiotherapy
Abdominal bench to be hooked on wall bars, 1900x370 mm,code 280-Bench
code: 280-Bench
299.00 £ / PCS
279.00 £ / PCS
20 £ discount until June 10, 2024.
Abdominal bench to be hooked on wall bars
Abdominal bench for wall bars.
The bench, made of beech wood, is lacquered.
The cushion is provided with 4 wheels running on aluminum rails.
May be used on any type of wall bars.
Upon request, it could be made of oak, or having different dimensions, according to the size of your room.

Seat cover color blue, black, red, orange, grey. Other color on request. Custom seat cover in natural tan leather on request.
Weight 50 kg.
User's maximum weight 150 kg.
Dimensions: 1900 x 370 mm (other dimension on request).
The height of the legs is 750 mm.
Other dimensions on request.
See drawing.
Can be used with all types of Wall Bars.
On request on the roller table that comes with the SuperGym, is it possible to customize it so that it also has a foot strap similar to product 251F. In this way you maximize the use of the single table.
Warranty 15 years.

At request we offer OEM Service. Please contact us.
How the Wall Bars are made?
Need a sample? Please send us your adress.
Custom Stall Bars on request.
FREE UK SHIPPING. For any other country in the world please send us a request.
Prices do not include customs taxes.
Orders are shipped 7-14 days after being placed.
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