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Category - Swedish ladder for gymnastic and physiotherapy
Dip bars for Swedish Ladder, code 270-FI
code: 270-FI
149.00 £ / PAIR
Dip bars for wall bars manufactured by Artimex Sport.
The Dip Bar is designed to be mounted to the Wall Bars.
The training allows you to do regular dips and dips with feet still on the floor.
Works your lower abdominals, hip flexors, quadriceps, triceps, lats, rhomboids and trapezius.
Great chest, shoulder and abs training.
Easy to hook into and to remove.
Consists of 2 metal devices with padding and handle.
With 2 hand grips.
Easily moved from one bar height to another height.
Protected by foam to do not hurt the metal rungs from the Wall Bar.

Will support up to 125 kg.
Weight 5 kg.
Freight weight 6 kg.
Color: black, orange or white (other color on request).
The Swedish ladder dip bars are protected by high density foam.
Not compatible with wooden wall bars.
If you already have a Swedish ladder in your home and want to know whether the dip bars could be attached to it, click here.
It cause no damage to the vertical Bar at the part of the metal hooks because of the Rubber .
Warranty 10 years.
Have fasteners on the back to keep the handles stable.
Installing on the wall bar .
See drawing.
See exercises
See exercises Video
You can use this products outdoor (See video).
See exercises (video ).

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