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Category - Swedish ladder for gymnastic and physiotherapy
Wooden Attaching Bar for Wall bars, code 248-H
code: 248-H
69.00 £ / PCS
Made entire from Beechwood with oval bar.
Can be hung at any height on wall bars.
Compatible with all Artimex Sport Wall Bars.
One oval Beechwood Bar, Ø 40 x 30 mm.
Will support up to 125 kg.
Width 74 cm (Other dimensions on request).
With protection for bars.
Complet in Beechwood - 69 £
Complet in Pinewood - 39 £
Warranty 10 years.
Price including VAT and shipping to UK.
At request we offer OEM Service. Please contact us.
FREE UK SHIPPING. For any other country in the world please send us a request.
Orders are shipped 7-14 days after being placed.
Please call or email for multiple unit discount.
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