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Category - Swedish ladder for gymnastic and physiotherapy
Wall bars double, Steel, model Gladiator, 2.6 x 1.76 m, code 211-G-Steel
code: 211-G-Steel
719.00 £ / PCS
709.00 £ / PCS
10 £ discount until June 10, 2024.
Artimex Sport Gymnastic Wall bars have 3 stringers made of steel 60 x 40 mm.

Round rungs 34 pieces are round and made of steel.
Other spacing between rungs on your request.
Solid montage on the Wall with 12 metal bracket (6 pcs at the top, 3 pcs in the midle and 3 pcs in the bottom).
The metal Stall Bar are provided with 3 welded loops on each lateral side.
Stall Bar are provided with 1 welded loop on the top (more loops on request).
The loops are used to hang different accessories.
The inclined part of the Swedish ladder starts at the height of 205 cm.
Installation hardware included.
If you want to have the four monkey bars on both sides instead of only on the left side please send us request.
Great for individual and group training, sport halls, Spa, Fitness centers.
Weight Capacity 2 x 200 Kg (for every horizontal rung).
Warranty 20 years.
Dimensions: 2.6 x 1.76 m (other dimension on request).
Dimension unassembled: 260 x 50 x 50 cm.
Weight 70 kg.
Shipped unassembled. At request the stall bar can be shipped complete welded and assembled. Click here for a quote.
The Swedish ladder is provided with ribs on the base to ensure protection of the room surface.
Black painted RAL 9005 shiny, RAL 9005 textured finish or White. (Other colors on request).
See drawing.
All Metall Wall Bars can be manufacture in stainless steel. Ask for quotation please.
On your request we manufacture the Metal Stall Bars in 2 colors (one colors stringers and other color the rungs). Send us your RAL color.
See exercises Video
You can use this products outdoor (See video).
At request we offer OEM Service. Please contact us.
Custom Stall Bars on request.
FREE UK SHIPPING. For any other country in the world please send us a request.
Prices do not include customs taxes.
Orders are shipped 14-18 days after being placed.
Please call or email for multiple unit discount.
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