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Wall bars mounting

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Gymnastics&Psyhiotherapy Wall Bars

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»  Gymnastics&Psyhiotherapy Wall Bars

Metall Pull Up bars with angle handles, for Wall Bars, code 258
code: 258

PCS £ 169.00
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Pull up-bars can be attached at any height on wall bars.
For pull ups and stretching exercises.
1200 mm total width, 800 mm on the wall bar.
Strong metal construction with metal bar.
With 2 hand grips from vinyl, 215 x Ø 30 mm each.
The pull up bar is removable and adjustable at height on the Stall Bars. Easy job to do on the spot.
Easily moved from one bar height to another height.
Protected by foam to do not hurt the metal rungs from the Wall Bar.

Will support up to 145 kg.
Colours: black, white, orange. Other colors on request.
If you are ordering the pull-up bar with angled grips for stall bar, please check stall bar diameter for fit.
You can also order the pull-up bar by itself for wall attachment directly. If so, please indicate for wall attachment.
Shipped unassambled. Easy to install .
Warranty 10 years.
Have fasteners on the back to keep the handles stable.
Installing on the wall bar .
See drawing.
It cause no damage to the vertical Bar at the part of the metal hooks because of the Rubber .
Code 258 pull up bar work with all our stall bars.
You can use this products outdoor (See video).
See exercises (video ).
See exercises (video ).
Multiple unit discount. Special offers for schools, fitness studios, clinics. Ask for quote.
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»  Gymnastics&Psyhiotherapy Wall Bars
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