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At request we manufacture folding gymnastic wall bars


Gymnastics&Psyhiotherapy Stall Bars

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»  Gymnastics&Psyhiotherapy Stall Bars

Steel Stall Bars, Orange/Black, 221-Metall-Orange
code: 221-Metall-Orange

PCS USD 1,190.00 (PCS CAD 1,636.79)
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Artimex Sport Gymnastic Stall bars have 2 Orange stringers made of steel 2.36 x 1.57 inches (thickness 0.118 inches).
17 Steel Rungs Black are round (diameter 1.25984 inches).
Cross bars bolted on and not welded on stringers.
Other spacing between rungs on your request.
Solid montage on the Wall with 8 metal bracket (4 pcs at the top, 2 pcs in the midle and 2 pcs in the bottom) or with 3 steel mounting bar with pre-drilled holes about an inch apart to allow flexibility in mounting to the wall studs. Mounting holes are drilled at standard 16 inches for stud wall installation. Custom holes can also be drilled at the customer's request. Please write us your option in case of order.

The rungs are all bolted in place.
The metal Stall Bar are provided with 3 welded loops on each lateral side (more loops on request).
The 6 loops are used to hang different accessories.
Can be used outdside.
Upon request, the metal Swedish ladder could be manufactured so as to be provided with 3 rectangular pipes to enable fastening it to the wall. No additional charge.
Black/Orange painted (Other colors on request).
Weight Capacity 400 lbs (for every horizontal rung).
Warranty 20 years.
Dimensions: 7 feet, 6 1/2 inches x 2 feet, 11 1/2 inches (other dimensions on request).
Shipped unassembled. Easy to assemble. At request the stall bar can be shipped complete welded and assembled. Click here for a quote.
Installation hardware included.
The Swedish ladder is provided with rubber base to ensure protection of the room surface.
See drawing.
All Metall Wall Bars can be manufacture in stainless steel. Ask for quotation please.
You can use this products outdoor (See video).
See exercises Video
See exercises (video ).
See fixing on the Wall video .
Custom Stall Bars on request.
For questions for this product call us 004915115809789
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»  Gymnastics&Psyhiotherapy Stall Bars
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